Black History Month at Wake Forest
Wake Forest’s Intercultural Center and the Black History Month Com-
mittee has announced a month of Black History Month events and ac-
tivities on the center’s website.
Kicking off the month on February 1 was an event in The Pit which fea-
tured student performers, notable University black alumni displays and
cuisine from the African Diaspora.
Other events and activities planned for February include a Black Profes-
sionals Forum; an opportunity to have a conversation with Dr. Greg
Ellison, author of “Cut Dead But
Still Alive: Caring for African Ameri-
can Young Men,” a book; an ad-
dress by Payton Head, who was
the student government president
at the University of Missouri; a
keynote address by Angela Rye, an
attorney and CEO of IMPACT Strat-
egies; a dedication ceremony at
Maya Angelou Residence Hall; and
much more. For details, visit inter-
Author and scholar Monique Morris coming to WFU
Author and social justice scholar Dr. Monique Morris delivers the
2017 Anna Julia Cooper lecture on February 21. Dr. Morris has more
than 20 years of professional and volunteer experience in the areas
of education, civil rights, juvenile and social justice, and is the au-
thor of Black Stats: African Americans by the Numbers in the Twenty
-First Century (The New Press, 2014), Too Beautiful for
Words (MWM Books, 2012); and Pushout: The Criminalization of
Black Girls in Schools (The New Press, 2016).
Hosted by the Anna Julia
Cooper Center, the annual
AJC lecture features a dis-
tinguished scholar, activist,
or artist to address the
university and broader
community. This event is
free and open to commu-
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