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2017 Call for Proposals - Summer Technology Explora-
tion Program (STEP) Grants
Faculty of the College and ZSR are encouraged to ex-
plore technology-enhanced teaching, learning, re-
search, scholarly and creative work, or the develop-
ment of course materials and online courses for Sum-
mer 2017 and the Academic Year 2017-2018. This
grant program is the ideal opportunity for faculty wish-
ing to explore a particular technology to solve a peda-
gogical, research, or creative problem. More infor-
mation about the STEP grant, as well as the application,
can be found on the is.wfu.edu website. Completed
applications should be emailed to step@wfu.edu by
Monday, February 20, 2017.
TechXploration 2017
TechXploration 2017 will take place on Tuesday, April
18, between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. in room 401 of
the Benson University Center. This event brings togeth-
er faculty and staff who want to share their experiences
with current technology efforts underway. TechXplora-
tion allows faculty, staff and students to see how tech-
nologies are being leveraged in teaching, learning, re-
search, engagement and creative endeavors at Wake
Forest University.
Have you discovered a use of technology that helps
with teaching, learning, or scholarship that you would
like to share with your colleagues? Or do you have a
student working with a particular technology that you
would like to see at TechXploration? If so, please con-
tact Pat Idol and Ginny Mikkola, the TechXploration
organizers, at techxploration@wfu.edu by Friday,
March 31st, to secure a spot. Mark your calendar now
to join us as a presenter or as an attendee and witness
the exciting use of technology on the Wake Forest cam-
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