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December 4: Graduate
School Open House| 200
Brookstown Avenue |
4:00-7:00 PM
December 6: Lovefeast
Wait Chapel | 8:00 PM
January 21: Secrest Artists
Series presents Windsync
Wind Quartet|
Brendle Recital Hall|
7:30 PM
February 18: Founders’ Day
Convocation| Wait Chapel |
4:00 pm
March 7-10: Winter Institute
for Intercultural Communica-
tion | Charlotte, NC
Message from the Provost...
Beneath the Headlines
This fall has seen an banner array of headline-making news at Wake Forest, from continued success on
the research-grants and creative-work fronts to athletics achievement (along with Stanford, we are one
of just two universities in the country with three teams ranked in the top 5: men’s soccer, field hockey,
and men’s golf) to the Anna Julia Cooper Center’s co-sponsoring a major White House Summit to pro-
mote more research on women and girls of color in the U.S. Congratulations to these and many other
faculty, staff, and students celebrated on our Inside WFU site and elsewhere, on this parade of achieve-
Simultaneously, a raft of less-noticed vital work continues across our campus; I want to extend our col-
lective appreciation to our not-as-sung heroes of Wake Forest. A few examples come to mind.
SACS Behemoth. A deep bow of gratitude to so many who have been engaged over the past year-plus
in the massive project of completing our SACS re-accreditation report. The final version topped out at
some 360 pages, along with more than a thousand supplemental documents. Special thanks to our In-
stitutional Research director Phil Handwerk and our SACS leadership team, who skillfully directed a
complex multi-partite process. Next up: our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), focused on ‘Global Wake
Forest,’ is moving forward under the direction of associate provost Kline Harrison and a dedicated advi-
sory committee. All this moving inexorably toward our off-site reviewers’ report (due within days) and,
in late March, our on-site SACS reviewers’ visit and up-close scrutiny.
Keeping Wake Forest in Compliance. Along with SACS accreditors, a steady stream of federal, state,
and local government agencies, not to mention financial auditors, bond raters, and insurers, require a
steady stream of reports, policy changes, interviews, and the like. A round of applause for our legal
counselors, compliance officers, Title IX officers, budget-finance-comptroller staff, faculty partners, and
others who ensure that we remain on the straight and narrow. Issues we’re working on range from
dependent verification (which we must affirm to insurers periodically) to IT security to federally-
supervised ‘protection of minors’ policies like background checks for all new hires, including faculty.
Team EMS. A group of a dozen or so undergraduates have, for two decades now, made up Wake For-
est Emergency Medical Services, acting as first responders to any/all medical emergencies on campus.
With help from faculty supervisor Darren Aaron and WF Fellow Jim Le, this all-volunteer team has inter-
vened time after time to ensure swift care for those in medical need. A university-wide bouquet of
gratitude to Chief Tyler Hinshaw and her team of EMS captains and lieutenants.
Campus (Fall) Colors. As most Deacons surely know, last year a national magazine rated ours as the
“Most Beautiful College Campus in the Fall.” A hearty salute to our small army of landscapers, tree doc-
tors, lawn sculptors, public-art-preservers, transplanters, and the rest of a Facilities crew that works
daily to enhance every Wake Forester’s sense of aesthetic well-being.
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