Faculty Publications
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The Center for Bioethics, Health, and Society welcomes a wide variety of bioethics proposals from CBHS members. For membership information, please see
our website. Fundable projects include conceptual or empirical research, course development, community engagement, scholarly events and more. Funding
may also be sought for the bioethics component of a scientific project for which funding is being sought from another source, including other Centers and Insti-
tutes in the University and Medical Center. Faculty may collaborate with students or community members, and may request up to $8,000.00 for pilot research,
course development, and major events. Up to $5,000.00 per proposal may be budgeted for faculty salary support or stipends.
The due date is the second Monday in January (January 9, 2017). Projects may begin as early as March 1 of the same year and must be completed by the end of
that year’s summer term. The Center for Bioethics, Health & Society also accepts, on a rolling basis, applications for small grants (up to $1,000) to support Bio-
ethics activities.
For more information and the application form for both of these funding opportunities, please see the Center’s website here.
For information and the application form for both of these funding opportunities, please see the CBHS Funding Application on the Center’s website are available
at Funding Opportunities.
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