Wake Forest invesfgators have received over $3.6 million from external
sponsors so far this fiscal year. Twenty-seven proposals requesfng nearly
$11.5 million have been submitted.
Two faculty and staff members received their first externally-sponsored
Amanda Gengler, Sociology, received funding from the American Sociologi-
cal Associafon for her study ftled “Turning Science Ficfon into "Science
Fact:" Selling the Promise of Tissue Engineering and Regenerafve Medi-
Sara Kugler, Anna Julia Cooper Center and the Pro Humanitate Insftute,
received a grant from the Nafonal Science Foundafon to collaborate with
Vanderbilt and Fisk Universifes on the project “Collaborafve Research:
AGEP Transformafon Alliance: Bridging the PhD to Postdoc to Faculty Tran-
sifons for Women of Color in STEM.”
Planning ahead for spring
The Collaborafve Pilot Grants (CPG) program aims to sfmulate research
projects between Wake Forest University Reynolda Campus faculty and
another insftufon, including Wake Forest University Health Sciences, that
will lead to extramural funding for both insftufons. Up to $20,000 will be
awarded for each project. The next deadline for the CPG program is Friday,
March 3, 2017.
Nominations due Friday, November 25
To honor faculty members who have disfnguished themselves as excel-
lent mentors of Wake Forest undergraduate scholars, the URECA Center
has established a faculty Award for Excellence in Mentorship in Research
and Creafve Work. The award recognizes those faculty who share their
passion for scholarship and creafve acfvifes, and who encourage and
inspire their students to work closely with them.
We invite faculty, alums, and students to nominate any faculty member
who served or confnues to serve as mentors for undergraduate scholar-
ly work. Nominafons are accepted in the Fall semester, and the awards
are presented at Founders' Day Convocafon. Please read the guide-
lines here and send your nominafons to Tammy Griffin, via email
(burketj@wfu.edu) or hand-deliver them to 104 Reynolda Hall. Nomina-
fons are due by Friday, November 25.
Adobe Creative Cloud and Lynda.com
All faculty, staff and students have access to the Adobe Creative
Cloud and Lynda.com! Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to a
collecfon of software for presentafon and graphic design, video
edifng, web development, photography, and more. Use Lynda.com,
online and anyfme, to learn how to use the Adobe Creative Cloud as
well as many other skills. Look for more details from Informafon
Systems about both of these powerful applicafons soon! For now,
we encourage you to explore the possibilifes by going to software
@ WFU, downloading one or more of the Adobe Creative Cloud
applicafons, such as Adobe Photoshop, and then accessing
Lynda.com to grow your skillset! Incredible technology resources
are free to you and just a click away!
Workday Update
The implementafon of Workday, the enterprise-level software solu-
fon for Human Resources Management, Financial Management,
and Budget and Planning, is underway. The Workday Steering Com-
mittee is establishing the leadership and governance of the Workday
project as well as coordinafng preparafons for implementafon.
Sierra Cedar, the most experienced Workday implementafon firm in
higher educafon, has been selected as our implementafon partner.
In addifon, a three person project management office, comprised of
a project director, the Sierra Cedar project manager and a Wake
Forest project manager, will direct and manage the effort.
The formal project kickoff meefng for the implementafon to Work-
day was held on Wednesday, November 9. Significant work has
already been accomplished in preparafon for the first Workday
prototype to be delivered to Wake Forest in early to mid-December.
Click here to learn more about the Workday scope, plan and imple-
The following professors have been selected to serve at Wake Forest
abroad/away programs for 2018-2019:
Worrell House:
Fall 2018 Alan Williams (History)
Spring 2019 Kathy Smith (Politics and International Affairs)
Flow House:
Fall 2018 David Levy (Music)
Spring 2019 Ian Taplin (Sociology)
Casa Artom:
Fall 2018 Jeff Holdridge (English)
Spring 2019 Christian Waugh (Psychology)
Southern Cone:
Spring 2019 -- Robert Browne (Biology)
Global AWAKEnings (Copenhagen):
Fall 2018 Sam Gladding (Counseling)
Spring 2019 Eric Stottlemyer (English)
Wake Washington
Spring 2018 Allan Louden (Communication)
Fall 2018 Bernadine Barnes (Art)
Spring 2019 Tom Brister (Politics and International Affairs)
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