Two Wake Forest teams go to the finals in the 2016 Retail & Health Innovation Challenge
Coming soon to a store or doctor’s office near you? Thirteen teams of student innovators from some of the top colleges and universities around the country
offered revolutionary ideas to a panel of industry judges at the Fourth Annual Retail and Health Innovation Challenge held November 11 -12. While the con-
cepts ranged from wearable technology, to testing devices, to nutritional supplements, they all focused on in-
ventive solutions to problems at the intersection of retail and health. The first round gave each team two minutes
to pitch to potential investors. The final four teams had 30 minutes to offer more in-depth explanations and an-
swer questions. With a prize purse totaling $41,500, each finalist received cash awards that will enable them to
invest further in their ideas.
The Resilience Project, a Wake Forest team that featured senior business and enterprise management student
Jake Teitelbaum (BS ’17) and Master of Arts in Management student Sophia Faltin (‘16, MA ’17) took home third
place and $5,000. Their company offers cancer patients the opportunity to partner with the company to design
and manufacture fun socks. Half of the net profits are given to the patient or their charity of choice to help pay for
medical treatment or research.
Charlotte Evening MBA students Dave Pearson (MBA ’17), Alan Pernell (MBA ’17), pitched Accelerated Nano Tech-
nologies, which created a testing device that uses carbon nanotube technology to detect lung cancer biomarkers in small blood or tissue samples for earlier
diagnosis and treatment. They won $1,500 as a finalist in the Challenge, which they will share with team members Kent Davidson (MBA ’17) and Jeremy West
(MBA ’17). This year the event was held in Farrell Hall at the School of Business and in Biotech Place at Wake Forest Innovations. For the first time, Master of
Arts in Management students served as the co-chairs of this student-led competition. The event was hosted by the WFU School of Business Center for Retail
Innovation and sponsored by CVS Health.
2016 Hylton Lecture: Revolutionizing accounting services with cognitive technologies
“The opportunities technology offers us can do exceptional good or exceptional damage,” Steve Hill, KPMG’s U.S.
head of innovation and global head of innovation and investments, suggested during the 2016 Hylton Lecture
(pictured). As he looks to the future of accounting, and particularly audit services, Hill said he sees new ways for
CPAs to leverage technology to gain important insights and advance the industry. Hill shared some of his ideas
about digital labor with an audience of students, faculty and staff in Broyhill Auditorium on November 2.
Student competition provides experiential learning
Red Ventures held its first case competition at Wake Forest on Friday, November 4. Student teams presented con-
cepts to representatives from the digital marketing company as if they were on the business development team.
“It’s a unique way to interact with students,” said Ashley Taylor, a campus recruiter at Red Ventures. She highlighted Wake Forest students’ abilities to com-
municate, collaborate, and maintain a strong work ethic as main reasons her company continues to forge strong partnerships here. The first place team com-
prised of School of Business juniors Sheryl He (’18), Iris Lin (’18), and Youyang Zhang (’18), along with sophomore Cecilia Hu (’19), received $5,000. The second
place team included School of Business students Emily Gunn (’18), Jack Mullally (’18), and Tommy Vater (’17), along with sophomore Terry Boucher (’19).
They received $3,000. Each team named a charity to receive half their winnings, and divided the remainder among team members.
Homecoming weekend: A retrospective
We were delighted to see so many School of Business alumni return to campus for Homecoming. School of Busi-
ness professor and director of the BB&T Center for the Study of Capitalism Matthew Phillips, showcased the
new “Why Business?” course to a full classroom of alumni in a “back to the classroom” experience (pictured). The
School of Business hosted a Wake NOW (Network of Women) panel focused on finance careers. Panelists Cailin
Williams (’10), Cristina Ciaravalli (BS ’15), Catherine Kolimas (’11), Rachel Brown (BS ’15) and moderator Greg Lee
from Goldman Sachs explored several topics, including career paths, strategies for finding success, and challenges
faced by women in business. Wake Forest University’s Professor Ian Taplin, an expert on the business of wine, guid-
ed over 100 returning alumni, faculty, staff, and guests through a tasting of wines from North Carolina on the ter-
race at Farrell Hall. For some alumni, this was their first time seeing the new Farrell Hall facility. Photos from these
events, plus a video from the School’s alumni tailgate are available online.
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