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September 18: World Cultur-
al Festival | Manchester Plaza
| 5:30—8:00 pm
September 29: Faculty/Staff
Happy Hour and United Way
Campaign Kickoff | Green
Room| 4:00 p.m.
October 15: Campus Connec-
tions | Benson 401 |
8:45—10:00 am
October 22: Secrest Artists
Series presents Mariza, Portu-
guese singer | Wait Chapel |
7:30 pm
October 23-24: Rising Voices:
A Wake Forest Alumni
LGBTQIA Conference | WFU
Message from the Provost...
Summertime on campus, for those who can remember an earlier WFU era, has grown considerably bus-
ier of late. In recent weeks we welcomed three new deans along with a wealth of new faculty and staff;
celebrated faculty publications, grants, and creative works; and continued labors on a range of campus-
wide priorities. All this in addition to submitting WFU’s massive ten-year SACS reaccreditation report;
running summer-school classes and camps of every description, and launching a month-long ‘early ori-
entation’ for international and other interested new frosh. I’ll briefly alight on each of the three areas
mentioned above.
New Deans. Michele Gillespie (College), Tim Pyatt (ZSR Library), and Suzanne Reynolds (Law) all be-
gan formally settling into their roles in July—just as Charles Iacovou (Business) completed his first year
on the job. This quartet joined on our Deans’ Council Gail O’Day (Divinity), Brad Jones and Dwayne
Godwin (Graduate School), and Ed Abraham (Medical School). I am already enjoying working with this
distinguished and creative group; please join me in greeting our new decanal colleagues when you see
them on campus.
Faculty Accomplishments. The annual spring ZSR-hosted celebration of faculty creative works and
publications was, as ever, a year’s highlight. Over the summer I picked up English professor Eric Wil-
son’s Keep it Fake after a glowing NYT review and, cliché though it be, couldn’t put it down; what a pro-
vocative revaluation of our ‘keep it real’ culture. Also atop my summer books list: Divinity professor Jill
Crainshaw’s beautifully composed They Spin With Their Hands, detailing women’s ordination rites, and
Jim Otteson’s (Business School) deeply learned economic-history study The End of Socialism.
Just this week we lauded the past year’s sponsored-research and other academic grant awards. In
splendid news on that front, Steve Messier and a team of HES colleagues won the largest WFU grant
ever, a $6 million award from the National Institutes of Health to study knee osteoarthritis. Another
WFU team, helmed by psychology professors Will Fleeson and Mike Furr, won a $3.9 million Templeton
Foundation grant for their study of exemplary moral character.
Focus on Priorities. Future newsletters, as well as plentiful other communications from my and vari-
ous deans’ offices, will report progress on various priorities advanced during summer. Our dedicated
effort last year to deepen and broaden Wake Forest’s commitment to an inclusive community, embrac-
ing all those who call our campus home, has continued as a top-of-mind (and –action) focus. If you
haven’t visited the ‘Community in Progress’ website lately, we continue to add updates; visit at http://
community.wfu.edu/. Developing Reynolda Campus programs at WF Innovation Quarter downtown
continues apace, thanks to a dedicated team of faculty (most notably chemistry professor Rebecca Alex-
ander, who’s graciously accepted the IQ faculty-director role) and staff working with building designers.
Faculty development programs remain a third major emphasis, gaining momentum thanks to extended
conversation during faculty meetings at most of our WFU schools last spring.
Wake Forest summers were never exclusively long, languid, carefree days. But the pace has visibly
picked up with the campus-wide return of students and classes; a fond ‘welcome back’ to all who spent
significant time away. Hope you will find your way to the Green Room/ Magnolia Patio on September
29, as we collectively toast the new academic year, greet new faculty and staff, and affirm our commit-
ment to the 2016 United Way campaign.
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