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Global Campus Programs
Successful Third Year for Worldwide Wake Pre-Orientation Program
Seventy-three culturally curious students (domestic, international and third-culture) joined in a
variety of small group activities and conversations around cultural identity, micro-aggressions
and intercultural communication as they explored cross-cultural awareness. These globally-
minded students also participated in a series of fun Global Challenges similar to The Amazing
Race television show and the Worldwide Wake Olympiad.
Global Abroad Programs
Fall 2016 marks the commencement of the WFU London: University Studies & Internships Pro-
gram. In partnership with Queen Mary University, one of the United Kingdom’s leading re-
search-focused higher education institutions, this program will provide students an exceptional
opportunity to experience
London in both academic and professional capacities. Saylor Breckenridge
(Sociology) and Mary Dalton (Communication) have been selected as resident
professors for the inaugural offering of Global AWAKEnings, the first-year study
abroad program which will launch Fall 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Saylor will
serve during the fall semester and Mary, the spring semester. Katy Harriger has
been selected as the resident professor for the renewed Wake Washington pro-
gram which will also launch in Fall 2017.
International Students & Scholars (ISS)
The ISS advising team welcomes the largest incoming class of visa-sponsored
international students and scholars matriculating Fall 2016. The ISS advising
team serves all international students (undergraduate, graduate and profession-
al) and scholars (faculty, staff and visiting scholars). The total number of interna-
tional students & scholars will exceed 700 for this academic year.
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