clearly he has an opinion. Here their polyvocal discussions offer commentary on current
events and this not only makes the conversation memorable but it also allows the listener
to form their own opinion. Click on the following link to listen to jimi izrael and cohorts on
NPR Barbershop segments (http://www.npr.org/series/14681732/barbershop).
Too Many Women Turn Men Into A Cross Between Their Girlfriend And A
Lap Dog
In April 2010, jimi was a guest on a Nightline FaceOff discussing why it’s so difficult for a
black woman to find a good black man. This forum discussion is moderated in front of an
audience. Panelists include Hill Harper, actor and star of CSI: NY; Steve Harvey,
syndicated radio show host and author; Sherri Shepherd, comedienne and co-host on The
View; and Jacque Reid, regular guest co-host on The View and former BET nightly news
anchor. Watch the April 2011 segment of the Nightline FaceOff by clicking on the following
link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjIPVs2D24o).
jimi is the first panelist asked, “Why do you think women cannot find the man of their
dreams?” jimi responds, “There’s nothing wrong with standards but your standards have to
be reasonable. Some of these women need to understand that you have to be the person
you’re looking for.” Then jimi suggests they’re looking for a picture perfect Denzel
Washington archetype that doesn’t exist. jimi adds, “. . .coming up to the house in a new
Maybach Benz, with a trunk full of Godiva chocolate and a suitcase of 100,000 bills and it’s
not going to happen.” Sherri talks about what she’s looking for in a man and says, “We
should be looking for what we love a man that loves God a man that loves his family a
man that gets along with his mother a man that can support me as I would support him
a man that can fix my rotisserie because it broke a man that can add to my son’s life a
man that doesn’t mind seeing me take my wig off and help take the cornrows out of my
hair. . .” The camera pans to an audience of mostly black women enthusiastically clapping
after Sherri’s cornrow remark.
This is jimi’s cue for a playful exchange, “Wait a minute?” Jacque Reid interrupts, “Actually
a man who respects women and likes women. . .” The moderator says to jimi, “You wrote
in ‘The Denzel Principle’ that too many women try and turn men into a cross between their
girlfriend and a lap dog. Does that sound like what Sherri’s explaining?” jimi incredulously
notes, “You want someone to take out your weave really seriously? Come on now.”
Sherri notes it’s the most intimate part of what I do. She then comments, “you don’t want
the real.” jimi reveals that he likes a sister with a natural. Sherri says, “. . .and you’ll get
that once you take my cornrows out.”
The audience wildly claps, jimi laughs and the women toast their verbal takedown. jimi
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