responds, “Men are visual creatures we’re not that complex you want us to switch
channels from taking your weave out to thinking of you as the hot woman we married. Is
that reasonable?” Harvey says, “if Sherri has a point of wanting a man to deal with the real
jimi’s take is that we’re aesthetic and love the visual -- there has to come an
understanding. I can understand you wanting the real but in the reality of it in your man’s
DNA he’s not built to take your cornrows out nor does he want to. You think showing his
love for you is doing everything you want. Maybe you don’t know how to be in love?”
Nothing in our DNA has us taking out cornrows. If you have a man that can do cornrows
and take it out that ain’t your man.” The audience and panel break out in thunderous
Conversations Enable Us To Appreciate Diverse Viewpoints
Hill Harper adds a serious tone about the necessity of this conversation because it is about
saving the black family. Hill notes, “In 1966, 84% of African American children lived in a
two-parent households and fast-forward to 2006 the number is at 31%.” This
improvisational riff, with everyone playing off each other’s comments added a playful
element to the conversation, thus creating quotable sound bites that can be viewed on
youtube.com (see previous link to play video) and subsequently allowing the discussion to
Self-disclosive Storyteller: “Shameless Joe Jackson”
There are countless interviews with jimi izrael offering cultural commentary. One of my
favorites is when he was interviewed on a CNN segment after receiving notoriety for his
blog where he commented on Joe Jackson’s shameful self-promotion at the BET award’s
post mortem tribute for his son Michael. The blog entitled “Shameless Joe Jackson” read,
. .

I have friends who have lost parakeets, dogs, guinea pigs and wino uncles, and they’ve
spent more time in mourning than Michael Jackson's father. I've been more distraught over
bad sushi. He struck me as someone with a hurried agenda—in a hurry to cash a check—
more than a man who has lost a son. What kind of grieving father pulls in publicists to give
a statement about their grief, or a lawyer/yes-man, or some kind of micro-pimp huckster in
a wide-brimmed hat to talk up some bootleg Blu-ray disk scheme. The following linked
Blog on the root.com in June 2009 provides the entire Joe Jackson article
(www.theroot.com/views/shameless-joe-jackson). CNN segment expanded on the topic
and this is where jimi unabashedly stated what many folks were thinking about Joe
Jackson but were afraid to say in a public forum click on the next link to hear July 2009
segment (www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvNUBtgitDQ&feature=grec_index).
jimi contextualized how people deal with death and grief by suggesting that when
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