I asked about how he got the gig writing for Seinfeld. “I had met Jerry a couple of times
and didn’t know him more than the casual hellos. He had a show called the “Seinfeld
Chronicles”. . .It was 1990, I saw the show and knew that it was perfect for me. He
showed up in Cleveland and I stopped in to see him doing standup for the weekend.
Afterwards, I talked to him, I had been doing some writing for Paul Reiser who was a good
friend of his. When we talked, I said I’d love to submit some stuff for the show and he was
very open to it. I sent him five to ten pages of standup stuff, which I thought would be
appropriate for him. He called me the day after he got it and said this is great. He said
come on board. One time I was lucky in the right place at the right time and asked and
had the stuff to back it up.” Marc remembers thinking, “do I even want to bother going to
the club? My manager at the time said you have to go.”
Seinfeld “The Pick”
Marc wrote many episodes for Seinfeld but the one that is classic, and consistently rated
as one of the top ten, is the one where Elaine discovers she sent out a Christmas card
photo with her nipple showing “The Pick.” Click on the following youtube.com link to
view clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7I4CF1StGkc).
Free Time
After my interview last summer, I had a newfound appreciation for his comedic wit. Marc
has a very dry sense of humor. Even when I was setting up the appointment for our
conversation he revealingly says, “just come on over I’m sure I’ll be free I’m a freelancer.
That’s where the free part comes in. It’s not that you do so much for free. It’s that you’re
always free when somebody calls because you don’t have work.”
A Comedy Writer Has the Lifespan of An Athlete
His cynicism about comedy writing is founded in reality. “No I have given up on that. It’s
too hard when you’re not in L.A. -- I don’t know many who are still doing stuff Larry
Charles is doing movies and working with Larry David on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’ The
people that I knew from Seinfeld are probably working on their own projects. Some have
moved back to where they are from. It’s a short window you have. It’s like an athlete.”
Marc’s recognition of when to move on is an example of his resilience and improvisational
“Bonk” “Jeopardy” Meets “The Three Stooges”
It is his entrepreneurial side that has allowed him to move from standup to writing comedy
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