to creating game shows and onward to partnering in a philanthropic organization with
his wife. The malleable mind is able to face challenges and creatively shift to a course with
less resistance.
Marc created a staged performance game show called Bonk. He calls it, “Jeopardy meets
‘The Three Stooges.’ We ask funny or trick questions on a television game show.” He
describes the scene, “There are three contestants and instead of having buzzers to check
in and lock on other people. All the contestants are wearing hard hats and all have a
mallet. If you think you know the answer, you bonk yourself on the head with the mallet
and that blocks out the other people. So people are quickly trying to bonk themselves over
their head. In subsequent rounds, if you don’t know the answer, you can hit someone else
and force them to answer the question.”
This project is a collaborative effort with Kerry Pollack, a funny comic magician who comes
up with tricks for Penn & Teller, and also David Copperfield. Marc notes, “He has a
company who sells magic tricks and electronic systems to magicians. He came up with
the basic idea and then myself and another comic in town joined him to write the show.”
So far, it has been at eight resorts in Mexico, Las Vegas, Germany, and they are currently
promttoting it for television. The following link allows you to access videos of Bonk in
action (http://www.bonkshow.com).
Reinventing: Elijah Drinks; Our Life
You don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate his latest invention. The “Elijah Drinks” cup is
another collaborative creation and I asked him to provide backstory for a non-Jewish
audience. Marc begins, “There’s a tradition at Passover Seder where a cup of wine is set
up symbolically waiting for Elijah the prophet at your table. Some time after the meal is
over; you invite Elijah in to drink with you. Most people go through a show of opening the
door to let Elijah in. And of course Elijah never comes in. We ended up not having
Passover at our house one year and this family we had it with did something like shaking
the table and pretending that he was drinking from the wine as it was moving around in the
cup. I thought that was kind of lame. Why don’t you have something so the wine
disappears from the cup and then the light bulb went off in my head. I thought that could
be made and I went to Kerry Pollack, the friend who is a magician (Penn &
Teller/Copperfield) and could create all this stuff. We didn’t want it to disappear gradually
it needed to go down all at once when the door was opened preferably without having
your hands on it.”
Four Passovers later it is on the market for “$39.95” on Amazon. Marc jokes, “It’s a limited
market. There are not enough Jews in the world. I’ll have to go to China and make it
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