cheaply or find another place where shipping wouldn’t be a problem. Israel is another
potentially big market. I’ve sold a limited amount to Israel because shipping is expensive.”
Lately, I’ve seen the “Elijah Drinks” cup advertised on Amazon.com, and various Judaica
websites. Click on the following youtube.com link to see Elijah Drinks
Marc’s ability to reinvent his career is an example of his flexibility but also demonstrates
how our identity is not fixed but is a socially constructed work-in-progress. We are always
adapting to relational encounters where the possibilities of joint action can emerge. Joint
action, as John Shotter writes:
This kind of social activity is important, in that, due to their embodied, responsive
nature, people in face to face interaction with each other cannot not be continuously
creative of new responses, both to their circumstances and to each other. As a
result, in such a form of activity, both the surrounding circumstances and other
people’s actions are just as much a formative influence in what we do as anything
within ourselves; people are not so much acting ‘out’ of any of their own inner plans,
or scripts, or suchlike, as ‘into’ a situation or circumstance already partially shaped by
previous talk intertwined activities of others. Hence, its intrinsic appropriateness to its
circumstances. But, what is so special about joint action, is that its overall outcome is
not up to any of the individuals concerned in it; it is entirely novel; its outcomes are is
if they have ‘come out of the blue. (Shotter, 1997)
The Elijah Cup, a collaborative venture, is an example of the power of conversations to
create joint action.
Less Pressure Because My Wife Works A Steady Job
I asked Marc if his family accepted and appreciated his freelance lifestyle. He says, “We
have a lifestyle we couldn’t live in L.A. My wife also works and has a steady job. It’s not all
upon my income. My income is supplementary.”
Marc’s wife is the inspiration behind his book “Sleeping With Your Gynecologist: Tales
From My Marriage with an OB/GYN” which has been adapted by CBS and Jersey
Television to become a sitcom.
When asked if freelance is a privileged position he concurs, “Oh yeah. To have the flexibility
to say no to something and arrange your schedule the way you want. My wife’s been
great. It’s not the norm for the wife to make the larger, steady income. She appreciates
the work and likes that I can be there when she can’t be.” This was evident when he was
fielding a call from his daughter’s summer camp arranging a call back time.
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