Breakdown and Free Speech Zone
Her publishing taught her how to research and that was essential for doing film work. “I
used these skills during the magical Bush years. I created two pieces that concerned
themselves directly with politics, cognition, religion the essence of political mind control:
fear and greed.”
Breakdown, recently showcased at the Ingenuity Fest (2011), won best remix Vimeo in a
contest with 6,500 entries from around the world. Renowned director David Lynch judged
the experimental film category. Watch Breakdown when you click on the next link:
(http://vimeo.com/13516268). Click on the following link to experience Free Speech Zone
and her digital collection (http://www.kasumifilms.com).
Kasumi is an innovator of an art form “synthesizing film, sound, video, and emerging
technologies.” BREAKDOWN allows for “juxtaposing, layering, stacking, cutting, slicing,
stretching, shuffling, remapping, warping, looping, re-ordering, filtering and otherwise
manipulating sounds and images based on formal musical and visual qualities as well as
multiple levels of meaning.” She adds, “this allows me to find and create further
connections and analogies outside of their original context, triggering sequences of
perceptual, cognitive, and emotional processes in the minds of viewers. In BREAKDOWN,
these samples are woven into a polyphonic, contrapuntal tapestry of memory and
expectation, of music and meaning out of which a story emerges: the eternal tale of greed,
fear and fall of empire.”
I appreciate the intricate crafting and attentiveness to details that goes into her work. Her
artistic experimentation allows her to slice, dice, mash-up and remix thousands of public
domain images without losing sight of her story. Her attention to sound design is as
powerful as her visuals. Kasumi’s unusual background as a baroque musician and as an
Academy Award nominated composer infuses all her projects. Kasumi’s brilliance is the
she was able to give voice to a vast array of talents across multiple creative domains
digital media, publishing, painting, sound mixing, and recording interweaving or at times
standing alone. She is a self-aware artist who understands how uniquely she is positioned
in digital experimental media and comments, “now that I’ve developed my own style, even
when I do commercial work, the client expects my style the weirdness the Kasumi
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