world, the themes of fear and freedom are interwoven throughout many of the participants’
Freelance is Like The Film Festival Shorts Program
Kasumi had one of the best descriptions for describing freelance work. “It’s kind of like
going to the film festival shorts program. If one job really sucks, you know it will be over.”
She really captures the essence of why freelance can be so attractive and double-edged,
“and if you love the people, you have the knowledge that maybe it will happen again and
you can nurture that and make more things happen.”
Takeaway -- The Beauty Of A Nonlinear Career
Even though working full time, Kasumi still operates as a freelancer and as she says, “I
manage well.” She stresses that an important aspect of preparation is being very
organized “make lists, do easy tasks quickly and get them out of the way so you can
concentrate on big things.” Although Kasumi’s ideas are artistically edgy, her work style is
laser focused and extremely pragmatic. The other advice was given by her mother, “never
assume anything.” Kasumi expands, “everyone has a story and is interesting in some
way.” Another reason she is never at a loss for discovering good material or stories for
There is no doubt that the Guggenheim fellowship coupled with a deluge of artistic grants
and video festival recognition continues to validate Kasumi’s hard work and contributes to
the generation of more creative projects. Kasumi, as the creator of a distinctive new art
form, is expanding the contours of digital media art. As she notes, “I’m poised to do more
of the same creating, experimenting and growing.” Kasumi deserves all the accolades
and it did not happen overnight. She reminds me of how genius is cultivated it’s about
being open, multidisciplinary, disciplined, collaborative, and not losing sight of your vision.
Kudos to Kasumi for not only pushing artistic boundaries, gaining recognition for her
contribution but also, most importantly, making a living while following her passion in a
very nonlinear fashion.
For more info: http://about.me/kasumifilms
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