movie-making industry but fail to understand the time and energy it takes to research,
write, and construct a story. Alan humorously notes, “I don’t say (EXAGGERATES VOICE)
I’m a screenwriter a lot of times because people say –‘ oh, you should write my story’
and he adds, “It’s really funny I should have saved it on my computer. There’s a guy who
is a screenwriter who wrote on his blog, ‘I will not read your fucking script. It’s not that I’m
being mean. I just can’t do it. I’m working on my own projects. If I spend all this time
reading other people’s scripts I’ll never work on my own projects.’”
The relational aspect is apparent when it comes to securing work in the business as Alan
describes, “It’s all about relationships. So and so really likes you and wants to talk about
such and such. Do you remember them? I’ve been in this business now for 20 years. I’ll
be in a meeting and some guy will say ‘you probably don’t remember me but I brought you
coffee when I worked for so and so.’”
‘Man and Wife’ Inspired By His Wife
There’s no doubt that Alan’s primary relationship is with his family. He gives credit to his
parents because they used to take him to the drive-in all the time. Alan reminisces, “I didn’t
even think about it. Back then The Adromeda Strain, Colossus: The Forbin Project,
Westworld, Le Mans, and at seven seeing 2001 and not having a clue what it was about.
But it was about. But it was fascinating.”
He acknowledges his wife’s efforts in helping to launch his career. Alan says, “My wife and
I moved out to L.A. I gave myself two years to get an agent. I got an agent in six weeks.
Actually thanks to my wife who was working as a waitress, which gave me time to write.
‘Man and Wife’ -- which I just sold is really about my marriage. A lot of character stuff in
the script is from my own marriage. The little things that people don’t realize are important
in a marriage. Bringing home roses is one thing but actually talk about romance empty
the dishwasher when you don’t have to be asked. I’ll put the kids to bed.” Alan reiterates
about the importance of the little things in marriage.
His script, ‘Man and Wife,’ was recently in his first bidding war. Alan explains, “You take a
script to a number of buyers. What you hope is that Sony will be interested and they’ll offer
X number of dollars. Another studio will also want the script and basically get you into a
bidding war. ‘Well, they offered $300,0000 what are you going to offer? We’ll go for 350.
Guess what they’re going for 350. What are you going to do?’ What you hope for is
Alan’s script “Man and Wife,” mentioned in the online Hollywood Reporter, courted a mid-
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