Soprano). The creation of these moments, when our identification is so strong that we are
riveted to the screen and momentarily forgetting we are watching a movie, has been
described as “film communion” (D. Thomas, 1984).
Academic writing would be more vibrant and accessible if scholars remembered they are
engaged in a discourse with an audience. Scholarly work does not have to be devoid of
“the otherwise marginalized domains of the psyche: desire, emotion, and bodily sensation”
(Gergen, 2007).
The Takeaway: The Standalone Creative Does Not Exist
The standalone creative does not exist in film production. Collaboration is vital to success
in the media industry. The packaging of multiple talents in the industry (e.g. attaching a
director or actor to a script) demonstrates that mutual coordination is essential in this
competitive industry. Alan’s personal and professional friendships in the industry are what
sustain him emotionally and financially.
Alan McElroy, with over 20 years of screenwriting experience, was gracious enough to tell
his story. Here negotiations, frustrations, observations, business relationships and new
creative approaches are revealed.
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