Laura Paglin
Appreciative Reflection Filmmaker
Laura Paglin and I met in ’92 or ’93 at an Ohio Valley Regional Media Arts Coalition
(OVERMAC) where we were both working on our respective film projects. This was a great
place to network with other filmmakers. This conference was held at a rustic lodge in
Southern Ohio and it was essentially an overnight pajama party for creative adults.
When I moved back to Cleveland, Laura and I would occasionally run into each other and
grab coffee. As a member of a small film community, Laura visited my film class at
Cleveland State University and here she spoke to students about production (2003).
Learning and Practicing On Her First Film
What I appreciate about Laura is her persistence and stamina. This fierce determination
allowed her to complete an arduous feature-length fictional film shot on super16 (made into
a 35-millimeter print) -- Nightowls of Coventry (2004). She tirelessly wrote, produced,
directed and raised close to half-a-million funding for this film during a ten-year period.
Initially, she started this project through an internship-training program developed through
the Ohio Independent Film Festival. Watch trailer for Nightowls of Coventry:
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FKs6hkFl14) to get a feel for her work.
Nightowls of Coventry captures the changing times at Marv’s (Irv’s) Deli, which was a
counterculture diner we all frequented in Cleveland Heights in the 1970s. Paglin’s storyline
Marv, the owner of an old neighborhood Jewish deli, must stay open 24 hours to
cater to the new generation of clientele, but straight-laced neighborhood do-
gooders want to close him down. Meanwhile inside, hippies, bikers and crusty old
Jewish men, caught in the throes of changing times and culture clash, fight over turf
and yearn for a waitress to take their orders.
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