The words “new mutualism,” “altruism,” and “sacred economics” are coming to the
forefront in our vocabulary for describing the evolving spirit of cooperative commerce.
Websites such as Reality Sandwich (http://www.realitysandwich.com) and Evolver
(http://www.evolver.net) are interactive forums for topics addressing evolving
consciousness and society especially economic issues examining redistribution, gifting,
and philanthropy.
The world is confusing enough with swift technological changes but for artists and
freelancers it is more difficult to figure out the marketplace and what role does passion play
in the equation? What kind of price tag do you put on art, beauty, pleasure, healing, or
working as a change-maker? You can’t exactly outsource that to China. Because value is
so hard to determine, inventive solutions are taking shape at rapid speed where artists,
change-makers, freelancers, writers are stepping up and asking, “How can we make a
difference and make a living?”
Flow Funding is just one example of an organization promoting “adventurous philanthropy,
inspired generosity” (http://www.flowfunding.org). Started by Marion Rockefeller Weber,
who envisioned giving ordinary community leaders the chance to learn first-hand the power
of generosity. Although coming from wealth, she was aware that many individuals were
inexperienced with philanthropic giving and states:
But it is the way the money moves that distinguishes Weber’s idea. Flow Funders
receive $20,000 per year, for three years. They receive no salary and cannot fund
their own projects or those of family members. As Weber puts it: ‘There would be
no salary to do this. This is not a job, but rather an opportunity to practice
generosity in the world.’ At its core, Weber’s philanthropy is in large to teach other
to be philanthropic, to stretch people’s notion of generosity by, initially, removing
lack of resources as a barrier to being generous. In effect, Flow Funding is a
process of seeding generosity, trusting that when the money peters out, the
generosity will not. The process is built on the notion that the act of giving and
serving others changes people. (Slambrouck, 2010, March 29)
Read the online article in the Christian Science Monitor on Teaching Others How to Give
Money: (http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Making-a-difference/2010/0329/Teaching-
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