Musical Influence Embedded In Her Projects
Her musical training, where practice is essential to developing craft, laid the foundation for
her tenacity in continuing on film projects when other people would have quit because of
the effort it takes to produce and direct a feature-length film. The rhythmic editing process
of instinctively picking up on a visual or aural riff that allows for continuity or punctuation of
thought energizes her work. This ability to playfully situate dialogue or situations with
unusual juxtapositions is familiar to the artistry of jazz musicians:
A transformation occurs in the players development when he or she begins to
export materials from different contexts and vantage points, combining, extending,
and varying the material, adding and changing notes, varying accents, subtly
shifting the contour of a memorized phrase. Combining elements from different
musical models, mixing different harmonics and grace notes, extending intervals,
and altering chord tones is a metaphorical transfer of sorts (Barrett and
Cooperrider, 1990), transferring from one context into another to create something
new. (Barrett, 1998, p. 607)
Laura’s musicality not only infuses her soundtrack but also sparks the editing process
where a memorable or provocative line may thrust the film in another direction. Music is a
part of Laura’s creative DNA. Shadow of the Swan: A Composer’s Story, “chronicles the
struggles and triumphs of disabled composer Dennis Eberhard, on a trying journey to
Russia to premiere his new piano concerto” (Paglin, 2005). Click the link to check the
trailer for Shadow of the Swan (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-VACkhdo0M). In
Men, Women, Angels & Harps, Laura directs a historical documentary about the harp’s
association with religion and culture hosted by Bill Marx, the son of the Marx Brothers
Harpo Marx, which aired on PBS. (Paglin). The following link to Men, Women, Angels &
Harps (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ynztl1_lKiE) provides one with a musical note of
her work.
The Protection of Intuition: No Umbrella Election Day in The City
The documentary, No Umbrella Election Day In The City, was really an ode to intuition.
Laura notes, “During the 2004 election, I went out with my camera and basically stumbled
upon this situation. There was talk that Ohio might be the center of another voting fiasco
the way Florida was in 2000. I got a call from a documentary crew in New York to see if I
could film for them in Cleveland. I was excited and of course said ‘yes’ but then they
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