Over the years, CFA has given many young interns their start in the film industry
with hands-on training on its production. In the late 1990s, CFA expanded its
mission to include the production of marketing videos for corporations and non-
profits. Monies generated from the production of marketing videos are used to
support CFA’s feature film endeavors and educational programs.
Collaboration is critical for combating the isolation of freelance. Laura notes, “It’s more fun
to work with other people. I really enjoy it.” She adds, “finally, I found a partner to work with
me on my current documentary and that’s been great another vague OVRMAC (Ohio
Valley Regional Media Arts Coalition) connection. We’d known of each for years. Finally,
we ran into each other at a coffee shop. We’ve been working together. It’s so much more
enjoyable. We can laugh when things that go wrong.”
The Entrepreneurship Preparatory School (E Prep), the subject of Laura’s new
documentary project, has a mission to provide an exceptional educational experience for
students resulting in admission to a four-year college or university. The environment is
technologically advanced, safe, and the clear manifesto is discipline. The Founder, John
Zitzner, was a recent guest speaker at the independently organized Ted Event in Cleveland
held at the Weatherhead School of Management. His idea was to start a charter school, E
Prep, where the entrepreneurial culture places emphasis on perseverance, responsibility,
self-discipline, courage, respect, and choosing to see obstacles as opportunities.
Laura Paglin was working on a series of marketing videos showing the culture at E Prep. I
was a bit surprised to watch a video where kindergarten students silently walked single file
and there is no talking out of turn. The kindergarteners confidently narrate, “we use non-
verbal cues so we don’t call out. When you are in the halls you have hands to the side
zipped lips and follow the yellow brick road.” The students receive stars, checks, and
medals for good behavior and the rewards are given out at a “learning circle” ceremony for
kids who did a great job during the week. Click to watch the video short:
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