Need to Reintroduce Yourself to Clients; Friends Help
I ask Sheryl to talk about her onsite work and Sheryl says, “I can do freelance at a
company where they ask me to come for two-weeks and two-years later I’ll still be there.
Which is not good in terms of keeping up your contacts. If you’re only working at one
company for two years, the other guys forget you. You have to go and introduce yourself.”
Sheryl usually starts the reintroduction process with her friends and notes, “They really help
and I help them. All the time.” When asked if helping other people is more common with
the downturn and she replies, “I have always been generous with my friends more
generous with time and getting jobs for them. The more desperate people get the more
they’re helping other people at least in my world.” She notes that they are more
generous when times are tough. She adds, “There’s this guy and I’ve been his boss and
he’s been mine. We go back and forth in getting each other jobs.”
Always Herself When In New Territory; Keeps Up With Changing
Bill brought up something that was interesting and that was the need to constantly shift for
each client. He always changes himself slightly to reinvent his identity. He called it
“Multiple Personality Reorder,” where he is continually selling himself and adding something
new. I ask how she adapts to so many different environments? Sheryl notes, “It’s not
completely relevant to me. I don’t feel like I have to do that. Okay, it’s weird. If you go to a
place that just does digital you are going to be up against a bunch of kids. Really young
know-it-all kids. The problem is that while they may be very good at coding something or
whatever. They have no idea of what a concept is. They don’t believe a concept is
necessary for any digital stuff.”
She is quick to add, “You need to know the latest things being done so you can offer them
up to a client. We just did this campaign for a pharmaceutical company. We wanted to
just put a big QR (Quick Response) code in. Sheryl explains, “It’s when you take this
coupon and swipe it and see what you get, Now they’re using QR codes in all different
types of mediums. You can put it on print ads. You can put it on a phone. You can
receive it on a phone. It’s an embedded fancy bar code. It’s great and there are a lot of
things you can do with it. It’s a very hard sell for pharmaceutical. It works better for liquor
or clients who want to be ahead of the latest. You have to know the cool things you can
do with the web.”
Sheryl is herself on the job but recognizes the importance of keeping up with changing
times. As a more senior freelancer, she is not as concerned with being liked and notes,
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