always getting a new job. I do voice over work and that’s short term. You have to
look at freelance as a whole career and there will be times when I will have a steady
paycheck and times when I won’t. (Goldman, 2013)
The media folks involved with this dissertation offer experience and a balanced point of
view because they have been free-range workers for over a decade and have lived
through many configurations of typical and atypical work styles.
Everywhere and Nowhere
The website for the examination of media theory at the University of Chicago suggests that
media is inherently liminal: “Media may adapt a multitude of forms, even including what
can be considered to be ‘formless.’ As it is both ‘everywhere and nowhere,’
conceptualizing media as liminal does not seem too far-fetched” (Allison Wright,
The ‘everywhere and nowhere’ concept can be further extrapolated to include the media
freelancers’ world of working for many clients and yet not being specifically anchored to
one; and this liminal passage is also extended to include the creative morphing from an
unknown concept to an embodied media form sent out into the world. The everywhere
and nowhere phenomenon can also describe how the media freelancer feels in an
oversaturated world of nonstop communication.
This liminal dislocation can also be attributed to the increase of people passing through our
lives at a rapid pace due to increased travel and technological advances. This “intensifying
interchange” of evanescent relationships is recognized in The Saturated Self, “One can
scarcely settle into a calming rut, because who one is and the cast of ‘significant others’
are in continuous motion” (Gergen, 1991, p. 67). It is this continuous movement of
accelerated Oz-like comings and going that the freelancer recognizes as the part of the job
and seeks to balance; yet this plethora of encounters provide moments for connection,
creativity, and potential opportunities as illustrated in the conversations with the research
Attention to Balance and Perspective Anchors The Liminal Experience
The notion of liminality can also connect to how it is embodied in the physicality of the
freelancers’ lives. For many of the participants, the importance of nurturing the body and
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