Journalism That Matters is one such organization examining new ways of imagining
different journalistic practices and scenarios where sound newsgathering, entrepreneurial
ventures, and community-based practices can flourish (http://journalismthatmatters.org).
New relationships are developing alliances between nonprofits and news organizations. As
Peggy Holman, one of the founders of Journalism That Matters and author of “Engaging
Emergence: Turning Upheaval Into Opportunity” recognizes a new collaborative network
The capacity to engage diverse perspectives creatively may be the evolutionary
leap that our current social and environmental crises are forcing. Handling so much
complexity means we can’t do it alone. Although wisdom is expressed through an
individual, it is not a solo act. It involves a relationship with each other and our
environment. Wisdom lives in the collective. Knowing how to bring together
difference and stay connected is a critical skill for our times. (Holman, 2010, p.
Although we are becoming increasing globalized, what is changing and shifting is a new
mobile workforce that is allowing virtual and real worlds to link our community and the
world. We “yelp” (www.yelp.com) a new restaurant and suddenly we are dining at a
neighborhood eatery. There are compelling reasons “why location matters in a networked
world,” according to authors of Net Locality: Why Location Matters in a Networked World:
We are experiencing a fundamental shift in the way we understand physical space.
It is no longer independent from digital (networked) space. The web is all around
us. We no longer ‘enter’ the web; we carry it with us. We access it via mobile,
mapping, and location-aware technologies. . .Our physical location determines the
types of information we retrieve online, and the people and things we find around
us. It is true that technologies have become location aware; but it is also true that
we have become more aware of our locations. We are more location aware
because we are connected in new ways through these technologies to the spaces
and people around us. Being aware of location means being aware of all the
information and people that exist in that location. And it means making
different use of that location. Networked interactions permeate our world. And it
is becoming increasingly implausible to act as thought they do not. This is net
locality. It is a world intimately entwined with the digital networks that stream
through it. It is manifesting in everyday social practices like mapping, mobile
annotation, and location-based social networks but it has implications for how we
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