Micro Narrative: The Appreciative Reflection
The Micro Narratives are interactive personal reflections for each of the participants.
Through the appreciative gaze, I reveal career highpoints and critical life lessons learned on
their freelance path. It is best to read the interactive, micro narratives or “Appreciative
Reflections” before the macro narrative chapters in order to acquaint yourself with the
individual voices. The voices of the project participants are italicized for readability.
Macro Narrative: The Chapters
The four chapters that constitute the macro narratives, blending many voices and
perspectives, collectively explore freelance issues surrounding working in the media
“The Liminal Freelance Landscape: Geography, Proximity, and Community” examines not
only the notion of liminality which is the in-between tensional state of “not knowing” when,
where, how, and with whom the work will materialize; but also recognizing how geography,
proximity, and community clearly impact freelance work.
In the chapter “This is a Real Job,” the changing and expanding social construction of the
term a “real job” is explored along with the “social ghosts” (Gergen, Schrader & Gergen,
2009) that inspire or haunt freelancers on their work journey. Here the participants share
stories of personal challenge, adaptation and reward with their freelance lifestyle. “A
Conversation About Negotiation and Sustainability” introduces the notion of negotiation as
an ongoing, continuous conversation throughout the lifecycle of a project. The chapter,
“The Generative Years: Living What’s Next,” reflects on creativity and aging while working
in a youth-fixated industry.
You are invited to explore and share the multi-voiced reflections of these freelance media
sojourners in The Migrant Creative: U.S. Media Freelancers at the Border of a Changing
Work Culture.
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