I mixed Sesame Street in the early 90s into the 2000s. The producer I was working
with died and a whole new staff came in and I had to reintroduce myself. Ironically,
the Vice President of International Production came from the History Channel who I
worked with on several television series. He said to his staff that you’re paying way
too much in studios and I have to turn you onto this guy and his system. I went to a
Sesame workshop and did a demo and the system blew them away and they hire
me now.
Bill’s story reflects the value of relationships, which is situated at the core of not only Social
Constructionist Theory and Appreciative Inquiry but also the Freelancers Union’s
philosophy, which talks about a “New Mutualism” where all parties benefit
(http://www.freelancersunion.org/). The core philosophy they espouse:
. . the belief that political and economic life flourishes in social networks, and that
social change requires individuals to shift their thinking from ‘I’ to ‘we.’ At the core of
this movement is a culture of interdependence, mutual support, and affinity, with
building sustainability, rather than maximizing short-term profit, as a goal. (Horowitz,
Seth Godin, a media innovator, reveals in his new publication Stop Stealing Dreams: (What
is School For?), also reveals the power of personal connections:
The connection revolution is upon us. It sells the moment short to call this the
Internet revolution. In fact, the era marks the end of the industrial age and the
beginning of something new is ultimately about connection. The industrial revolution
wasn’t about inventing manufacturing, it was about amplifying it to the point where it
changed everything. And the connection revolution doesn’t invent connection, of
course, but it amplified it to become the dominant force in our economy. Connecting
people to one another. Connecting seekers to data. Connecting businesses to each
other. Connecting tribes of similarly minded individuals into larger, more effective
organizations. Connecting machines to each other and creating value as a result. In
the connection revolution, value is not created by increasing the productivity of those
manufacturing a good or a service. Value is created by connecting buyers to sellers,
producers to consumers, and the passionate to each other. (Godin, 2012, p. 36-37)
Relationships Matter: “Freelance Is a Team Sport”
We are all acutely aware of the power of the Internet, social networking and technological
invention to transform and change. We are standing at a chaotic crossroad and this
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