presents an opportunity for reinvention and renewal.
What I have discovered with all the freelancers in this project is that relationships matter. It
is essential for innovative individuals to engage others in the creative process in all steps
from concept to completion. As Steven Tatar notes:
Partnerships are so important. The bottom line is that freelance is not an end to
itself. It’s where you live. It’s like having a one-bedroom apartment. It doesn’t mean
that you sleep alone. It’s still a team sport.” Steven discusses why he hired me, “I
knew that some of the things I called you in on MarchFIRST were not things you had
an intimate knowledge of but I knew you would figure it out and when given the
opportunity to engage you’re all in and give everything. I need to surround myself
with people where they’re not just running the meter. . .People who are willing to take
on the challenge without knowing what success would look like.
For most freelancers, there is fundamental trust in the ability of the other project
participants to not only complete the job but to make it exceptional. This is relational
knowledge of having worked together in the past and knowing their performance skills and
level of commitment.
The New Loyalty Gravitates Toward People Not Companies
Talent is not enough in this new economy because people will not work with you again if
you prove difficult or irresponsible. All contract services thrive when based on the premise
of trust people need to know you, your work style, your work ethic, and most importantly
trust you to complete the job when promised. As my copywriter friend Sheryl White
explains how the new loyalty gravitates toward people and not companies.
Everybody’s only looking out for themselves. Except us freelancers we’re always
looking out for each other at least in my group of people. Years ago companies
treated you with respect more like family. Today you could have been at the
company for 30-years and they’ll walk in your office and say you’re fired tell you to
leave immediately and they escort you out. In the old days, they’d give you an
office for a month. They sure don’t do that now. I decided that I’d never be loyal to
a company again. I’ll be loyal to the people within it wherever they go.
Sheryl’s statement of loyalty to people and not companies builds a case that it is the
people who make the companies. Companies that focus on relationships among its
workers continually strengthen their brand and are consistently in the top 100 companies
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