II. Literature Review
“A college education is supposed to guarantee you a job. That’s the Cosby
generation model. I tell my son that a college education doesn’t guarantee
a job but it gives you more choices and I think that’s what we need to
start teaching students. But at least you would have more choices between
Wendy’s and McDonalds or between Starbucks and Caribou where you can
work. Now a college education in theory will give you some variables on
what you can do with your life. But you’re better off with one than
“I would tell them to go work at Starbucks. I’m just lucky. I just happen
to know what I’m doing. I wouldn’t try to make a living freelancing. I
wouldn’t encourage anybody to make a living freelancing. I’d tell them to
get a job at Starbucks. Write at night. Write first thing in the morning.
Make tea or a small mocha the rest of the day. . . There’s some PhD’s
working there right now that are really happy.”
jimi izrael, Culture Critic and Journalist
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