media projects along with budget, time constraints, and proximity to their clients.
The participants’ voices create a polyphonic chorus of divergent viewpoints when it comes
to understanding how geography impacts their work. While this section highlights that
creativity lives everywhere, the following themes represent contradictory, multiple
perspectives regarding location.
Location Doesn’t Matter in the Global Arena: Coordination
Kate Farrell and Carol Beck are the two project participants who have and continue to work
on large-scale overseas video productions. This requires a kind of openness to not only
being able to quickly assemble a crew but also “mutually coordinating” their work styles.
What does that mean? “Thus, trying to communicate across boundaries is not a matter of
simply ‘decoding’ the meaning of the others’ action. Rather, it is a matter of coordinating
actions with them” (Gergen, Schrader & Gergen, 2009, p. 247).
Mutual coordination can be experienced in the way relationships are experienced over time,
a sense of knowing and anticipating their teammates performance styles, understanding
the same professional language without needing to speak, creating a territory of tolerance
and respect, and trusting the professionalism of the team members to complete the job
even when the demands are extraordinarily tough.
Carol E. Beck (Media Producer): Working Worldwide From Home
Carol has worked on media planning and production for name brand multinational
corporations IBM, General Electric, Coca Cola, The Ford Motor Company, Xerox,
Panasonic, Home Depot, Honda, Proctor and Gamble, and others. Her professional
expertise involves managing international logistics in Venezuela, Australia, Budapest,
Germany, Amsterdam, Beijing, and India. I teasingly ask if I’m missing anything? Carol
nonchalantly responds, “Japan and all over Europe.”
When you work on large productions for corporate clients, the global dimension requires
working with a large international crew. Carol gives a wonderful example of IBM’s global
investor’s meeting and notes how mutual coordination overrides geography:
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