it via the Internet and I can send it back as a full-time Quicktime movie with picture
and everything. You can review it and say can you lower the music here? That’s
what they did. In ten minutes, they would say can you make this change and it
would be uploaded again. Within a half hour, it would have gone through all channels
and they would say it’s perfect. Send us the final mix files. Then I would follow up on
it later and say how did it work? They’d say it was fantastic see you in a couple of
Bill stresses that proximity still makes a difference because clients have not yet acclimated
to the new studio work method:
I could be doing this in North Dakota with the technology the FTP (File Transfer
Protocol). The idea that I could be in North Dakota would be ridiculous. Rhinebeck is
a well-known town outside of Manhattan. A lot of artists live here. It’s sort of the
upscale Woodstock. There are a lot of musicians and studios up here. A lot of the
engineers are the guys that left the studios in New York twenty years ago and they’re
still in the mindset of the old studio system and haven’t changed their work method.
Bill’s move has opened up some new regional clients including Boston because he was
already working on Nova and Nova Science Now out of WGBH. He notes, “now they’re
comfortable enough with me to say you can do it in Rhinebeck and then come to Boston or
New York to review it. I have proximity to both cities.”
Bill Cavanaugh (Audio Engineer): The New Frontier
Because of portable and powerful technology, Bill has a vagabond-style setup that can
move just about anywhere. “You have to be able to function as if you are on the frontier
again. There’s no backup. The
century was all about moving from the rural
spreading out and centralizing in the city. That’s now breaking down. People are pulling
back out to work in exurbs or small towns like where I am and staying connected to a big
city for the purpose of coming together every so often for face time or to sell a new client.”
Although he left New York to lower his cost of living, Bill and I spoke recently and he is
reconsidering the possibility of maybe moving back to the city since he feels socially
Kasumi (Experimental Media Artist): Personal Contacts More Important
Than Geography
Kasumi, a recent Guggenheim recipient, acknowledges that she should be in New York
because, “no matter how much you can do in your own studio, commissions and big jobs
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