relationships. I have friends who own production companies and I have friends who
work at the cable networks and I just keep in touch with them. I say, ‘what do you
have?’ Sometimes I was a little prideful and didn’t want to say I needed more work
because I never had to ask for gigs before. Now I’m like just say it, get work and
move on. There are places like Realitystaff.com (http://www.realitystaff.com/) that
post reality TV jobs that I check everyway when I am looking for work. They’re
looking for people who want to work on a reality series like “Real Housewives of New
Jersey” any reality show that doesn’t have somebody. When I was looking for
editors for my show, I put an ad there. When I was looking for a PA, I told out editors
I was looking for a PA but we also put an ad in realitystaff.com. We hired a PA
through word-of-mouth, not through the ad but we did both because we need to
make it happen fast. I find that my work comes from people I’ve worked with before
who understand what I do and who have respect for me and I have respect for them.
Kate Farrell (Executive Producer WE-tv): Immediacy Trumps Proximity;
Companies Still Want You On Location
Now, she has moved back to the city and is working at WE-Tv again on a full time basis as
an executive producer. Kate talks about that decision:
I moved to the Hudson Valley as a personal choice. At the time, I could work from
home but once I wanted to get back into TV, I found that I needed to be in NYC
again.” For an onsite job, the question of can you get there immediately became
more important than proximity for Kate’s employers and she notes, “For awhile at
least from my perspective, certain companies were allowing people to work from
home but I think I’ve heard a little bit of a shift. . .that they want people to be in the
jobs and I’m not talking production jobs. I’m talking corporate or working for a
cable company or network. They’re not as happy with people working from home.
Sheryl White (Copywriter): Transitioning To A More Virtual Work Style
For a long time, Sheryl had an apartment in New York City and a home in Woodstock, New
York where she would retreat. She was hesitant about moving because virtual work was
not as commonplace as people anticipated. Sheryl provided the example of a campaign
for global computer campaign and how they wanted her to work at the corporate office in
I like to be left on my own. I can get more a lot more done --- especially if it’s in the
writing phase. I worked at major global agency freelance. They normally wanted
me there. They were paying me $700 maybe $500 a day. It was a while ago. They
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