The people that run for office here would be a laughing stock let’s say in Portland,
Oregon. Every city has its share but there really is a brain drain.
Parks, green space, and safety are all critical issues for cities today. If it a city does not
provide a safe recreational refuge, then it requires you to work harder or be more creative in
an effort to find your personal sanctuary. This is a consideration for where you decide to
Carol Beck (Media Producer): It’s Who Knows You
Carol works on international and also national projects. She has a steady stream of clients
and this is through professional and personal referrals. I ask Carol for suggestions to relay
to students interested in working in the industry:
In Atlanta, 80 percent of the people I hire I’ve known for five years. When I do have
to bring on unknowns, like a low-level production assistant, I get them from friends.
‘All my PA’s (production assistants) are booked up, who do you know?’ I never hire
anybody who just sends me a resume. That is the most worthless thing especially
when it’s addressed to Mrs. Beck and my production company. I write back. First
of all, I’m not Mrs. Beck and second I don’t have a production company and third
you should get your facts straight before you contact people. That is the most
ineffectual way to get a job imaginable. They need to work for free. It doesn’t even
have to be an internship. They can go to a production company and say, ‘On your
next production I will work for free.’ You cannot get work experience until you have
work experience. Nobody is going to pay you to test you out.
Within the socially constructed territory of freelance work there are no steadfast rules
about what works and who works. All of the freelancers involved in this project mentioned
the importance of relational connections and the ability to perform at the high level as
contributing to their career.
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