Kate is another example where she started producing reality television series even though
her previous experience was sports including the Olympics and The Super Bowl. Jimi is
comfortable writing books, Blogs, articles, screenplays, handling television interviews, and
on the radio for the NPR program Barbershop discussing about a wide array of cultural
topics from sports to politics.
It is not only a trust in your own ability but your collaborators must also believe that you
are capable of transferring your skills to another venue. Freelancers are always leaving the
comfort of the familiar and heading to the new. What we can learn from them is the how
they live in the realm of uncertainty.
Explore The Other: Changing The Narrative From “Me” to “We”
“Successful bonding calls for a transformation in narrative. The ‘I’ as the center of
the story must gradually be replaced by the ‘we.’ The ‘we’ now becomes the major
protagonist in the narrative of life, the central character to whom everything is
related.” (Kenneth J. Gergen, 2009, p. 177)
Freelancers are natural explorers and researcher and enter many domains through their
work and leave again. In entering the new domain that is unfamiliar, the media freelancers
explore the “other.” Laura Paglin, a filmmaker, has been interviewing women who have
survived an infamous serial killer in Cleveland and is continuously documenting an
entrepreneurial charter school in Cleveland. Bill Cavanaugh, as a sound engineer, has
done everything from sounds engineering for Grammy award-winning projects, television,
M-TV, VH1, The History Channel, Nova, and Discovery Channel on a wide variety of
projects. Sheryl White has written hundreds of commercials from telecommunications to
pharmaceuticals for national clients. The media freelancer is adept at entering unfamiliar
and familiar territory and then bringing it to life. Kasumi has created commercials, written
books and also award-winning experimental films in addition to live performances with
Grandmaster Flash and DJ Spooky. Ayad has traveled politically from the far left to the right
from Cleveland to Baghdad. He has written Blogs for the New York Times and has had
his own radio show focusing on the Middle East. All of these participants enter traverse
many “othered” worlds and this adds rich brush strokes to their canvas.
Entering the “other’s” world is a shift away from the “me” as it requires one to suspend
judgment and entertain other ways of being and doing and create a relational viewpoint
that melds both parties together. This transcends a between “you and me” scenario. As a
“we” there is a value-added shared inquiry (Anderson, 2007, pg. 26) where more many
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