After developing large-scale freelance projects including the International Children’s
Games, Steven continues to work on contracted projects but is dually focusing his
attention on bringing this new, old vintage knitwear enterprise Ohio Knitting Mills to life. In a
Cleveland Institute of Art video, he talks about the merging of his art and entrepreneurial
vision, in full display as he reveals his design-savvy Ohio Knitting Mills pop-up location
Freelance Has Permanently Redefined “Regular”
Steven and all the project participants represent the new style of “migrant creative” who
freely enter different work configurations of contract, salaried, freelance, and entrepreneurial
with ease and some at the same time. Kasumi, a recent Guggenheim recipient, a
professor at the Cleveland Institute of Art, is also creating her own videos, working on
commissioned digital media projects while also serving as a judge for Vimeo.
Kate Farrell is now a full-time executive producer for WEtv after decades of working
freelance for the Olympics and the Super Bowl (http://www.wetv.com). Outside of work,
Kate delves into with her own independent novel and screenwriting projects. Marc Jaffe, a
comedy writer, co-founding a Parkinson research foundation Shaking With Laughter, also
continues to showcase his play across the country, Side Effects May Include, promote his
game show, Bonk, and merchandise his inventive wine-disappearing Passover Seder cup
Elijah Drinks.
Bill Cavanaugh, an audio engineer, originally worked full-time for New England Digital with
world-class musicians and enterprises like Sting, George Michaels, Gloria Estafan, and
Lucas Film to demonstrate how to interface with the Synclavier system. Now, Bill
freelances on a multiple audio projects from M-TV to the History Channel. j
imi izrael, a former Presidential Scholar at Case Western Reserve University, explores
teaching venues while continuing to work as a media commentator for NPR’s The
Barbershop (http://www.npr.org/series/14681732/barbershop) while promoting his book,
The Denzel Principle: Why Black Women Can’t Find Good Black Men (izrael, 2010) and
writing screenplays. Sheryl White, working onsite as an independent contractor at major
global advertising agencies for years, also takes on additional freelance copywriting
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