horizon radar thing is part of the instinctual mechanism that a freelancer must have.
You may see it come up with the wrong idea and fail. Guys like Edison who were
very strong instinctual people believed it was 99 percent perspiration and one
percent inspiration. They worked from ideas. He said, ‘I can take the
electromagnetic current idea and can replace candle making’ and created the
light bulb. How did he put that together?
Bill is self-taught and with off the shelf objects could literally maximize and ‘pimp’ his Mac
for increasing interface soundtrack performance:
When I went to work for New England Digital helped to build the Synclavier and
interface design I was part of a team that was creating this technology. Then
there were off the shelf objects that were meant to do a certain like record or edit
audio but if you brought it together in a certain way with other pieces of
equipment you could exponentially expand its power. I just saw how all that
would work. When I realized the Mac had reached the point that it could handle the
job at least up to 32 tracks we were working up to 16 digitally on hard disk up
until then. And I had already doubled the tracks of the multi-track HD system.
Then all these software modules called plug-ins came along and there were
equalizations, reverbs a lexicon reverb unit costs 40,000 dollars. I go out and buy
a reverb plug-in and it would cost me 500.
Bill, as a freelancer, was thinking about expediency and portability and not the sociability of
a system. I was curious as to why more engineers did not adapt early on and he surmises:
The reason many did not adapt is that the guys who are 30, 40 and 50 still working in
the business want the big mixing console to impress the client. And the person
coming in the room every 15-minutes –saying, ‘can I get you anything?’ They like the
glamour of it. I’m at a certain point in my career when I don’t need it anymore. I
haven’t had a demo reel in ten years. It’s time for me to start taking the money home
instead of saying no I’ll take low paying jobs so I can work with cool equipment.
No, No. I’m going to work with the equipment I need to do the job and charge less.
Bill is quick to point out that the studios changed the system by trying to do audio within
the video editing system and notes, “because AVID was selling those editors by saying you
can now do audio too. But implementation was very rudimentary and never gave them the
proper gauging, metering or any of the specs they needed.”
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