Flying somewhere. You just have to wait for them. Playing that game and paying
taxes. There’s a lots of pros and cons to it. I have more freedom. I can travel and
do whatever I want. Money is a big part of my stress life.” He adds, “There’s
nothing but content online. That’s why nobody is paying for it. It’s just about
finding the right content.
jimi mentioned a staggering 60-percent reduction in his wages in the last four years and
that is due to the crowdsourcing of online content. There are also plenty of individuals who
provide free Internet content in order to promote their expertise, DVD, game, company or
The waiting game is a common refrain from freelancers who find the time period drawn out
until a check actually arrives. Bill Cavanaugh recently divorced a major media giant and
told them he doesn’t want to work with them anymore:
They’re bidding low, demanding it immediately, asking for multiple revision maybe
four or five times without compensation -- because it keeps going up the corporate
food chain and everyone wants to change it. What used to be net 30-day billing is
now 140-days and then you get shortchanged. They are late almost every time. It
is a way for them to float their money because of their own uncertainty with the
economy. Bad morality is becoming standard. It keeps going down the food chain
because if I am hired by another freelancing company they can’t pay me until
they’re paid. Even the billing is freelanced to other companies and you have to wait
for them to send the invoices back to the original company and this adds even
more time.
When I ask Bill if social planning would help, he immediately relates the Soviet system’s
social planning that never worked or our governments one-size-fits-all approach to work.
Bill finds freelance preferable to full time employment because at least you are used to the
precariousness rather than all of a sudden finding yourself out on the street. He has seen
the industry radically change in 2007 and get exponentially worse in 2009 due to the
economic downturn. Although, he considers taking a part-time job so he can have some
time to evaluate if he wants to continue on the freelance path.
As more people turn to freelance or contract by default, I am seeing more seasoned
freelancers entertaining the idea of creating a business or securing full-time employment, as
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