between her and her agent. She invited me to dinner with her crew. I didn’t go
because I was mad that I was going to miss my niece’s graduation. Duh, I feel stupid
about that now. But I loved what I was doing. I still missed a lot of my family’s life. I
also never got married. Part of it I didn’t meet the right guy. The other part was that I
was always on the road. I don’t regret that but it was a factor.
Kate recalls a story about how a friend dumped her for being that unpredictable friend:
Yeah, actually I had a friend dump me because I was never around. I knew her
when I was living in Brooklyn. She was someone who had been diagnosed with
cancer in her 30’s, so she had a real passion for life and she was not settling for
anything in life anymore. She just had to live her best life. And I was always going
to the Olympics back and forth and when I came back I called her and she said,
‘what’s up?’ She said, “you’re not around . . . you’re inconsistent. . . and I can’t
depend on you.
Kate acknowledges, “I think she was right. Yes, I was inconsistent. Yes, my life was kind
of exciting. But the truth is, you’re in a hotel room by yourself and your friends can’t count
on you.” She is quick to respond, “I have had friends who have remained friends thought it
because they know I’m just doing my job and following a passion.”
Later I inquire, “Do you think freelancers are restless by nature or restless because they are
freelancers?” Kate answers:
I think restless by nature. Because a lot of my friends who had been freelancers
have dropped it, are people who prefer security. They need to know that they’re
going to be home in Brooklyn or Manhattan on a Friday night doing blah, blah, blah.
Or they have a family now. They can’t take on a gig unless they build an edit room
in their garage. You have to be independent, a self-starter, and you have to go
with the flow. I have some friends who live in L.A. who are freelancers. When
they’re not working, they just enjoy themselves. They go to the gym. . .run in the
Canyon. . . they enjoy life while they can. But it’s a different life. It’s definitely a
different life.
During our interview, I asked Kate if she would consider a full-time job? She replied, “I
would totally consider it absolutely. I’d probably not do it for 20-years but I’d do it for
five years. I find that the problem I have with that kind of work is that mediocrity sets in.” It
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