was not long after this interview (2011) that Kate moved into a full-time position as an
executive producer at WE-tv.
Carol admits that there are just times when she hibernates for extended periods of time
and reemerges after a few weeks. Friends have to understand what you do for a living or
they will be disappointed:
People who know me and care about me just know there are times when I got into
black holes and will emerge. Typically, it’s very rare that I’m in a black hole for more
than two weeks. When I’m in very heavy production mode, I get up at 5:30 AM to
crunch numbers and take care of correspondence before the phone starts ringing.
Then I have to do paperwork, then a full day or work, and go into the evening. The
13 15 days doesn’t go on forever. The converse of that is that there are days
when I may work one or two hours.
Although not married, Carol is quick to point out that a conversation about freelance and
family should be considered:
This doesn’t pertain to me as a single person. I don’t have a live-in partner or
children. I think it’s a lot easier to be a freelancer. Freelancing with a family is a
whole other can of worms. I have friends who are single parents. I know couples
who are both freelancers. It requires a lot of negotiations within families. I have
good friends who were both freelancers until they decided to have a child. It’s too
risky with health insurance. One of them needed to get a job.
For the men and women involved with this project, the undercurrent for everyone is that
their professional relationships are on solid ground. However as freelancers, the women
have more trouble balancing their personal relational needs with work-related areas
because of time constraints. They have sacrificed more in terms of not having a traditional
family structure. Laura, is the only married woman in this group, and acknowledges that
she is fortunate to pursue projects of interest because of the stability of her husband
providing health insurance and a steady paycheck. Carol, involved in a committed
relationship but without a live-in partner or children, previously pointed out that it makes it
easier for her to freelance. Kate has already suggested that her freelance lifestyle has taken
a toll on her relationships and has switched to full-time. Sheryl is unencumbered and that
makes it easier to freelance.
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