means in the creative industries. That means something you do in order to
do what you want to do. (Interchange, 2009)
Hollywood is about speculative returns and Deuze describes a new work reality that is
being appropriated by more businesses essentially reducing the biggest cost of business,
which is labor. This reality is not a Hollywood happy ending the American worker
Let’s say you have the idea for the most amazing movie ever. You start
writing scripts -- and you finally finalize and get an agent and you send it
out. You wait for a year or two years and then somebody picks it up.
Somebody pays you money maybe maybe not. Five or six years later
Spielberg sees it and says you know what that’s the movie I’m going to
make and you’re going to get a million bucks. . .What happened in the
those six years from you writing the script to Spielberg picking it up?
Did anybody pay you during that time? No. Most of the work gets done
without anybody taking any responsibility for that including paying
somebody to do it it’s called working on spec. . . It’s very exciting but if you
want to work in media this is your reality. That’s wonderful for big
corporations or companies that really don’t want to pay their employees.
But they have all these people that even want to work for free just to get a
shot. . .
. . . The biggest expense for any industry is its labor force. The one reason the
creative industry is dong so well is because it doesn’t really employ anybody
anymore. So Hollywood is singing and dancing of doing so well -- part of the
reason because of outsourcing the way the contracts are organized the
costs for labor have gone completely down. We’ve all heard the stories about
the Screen Actors strike -- the Writer’s Guild strike Hollywood in turmoil -- it’s
about all the stuff we’re talking about here. That model has perks you get to
do what you’re passionate about and that’s awesome but it comes at a
price and it’s being transported to all the other industries. And I wonder if we
are truly realizing what that price is? (Interchange, 2009).
Deuze is suggesting that adopting the creative industries approach will inevitably change
the structure of the nuclear family and notes, “the family is based on the idea of
permanence, sending your kids to school, and it’s impossible if you’re always moving to
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