on because I needed to survive. She didn’t fire me for bad performance. She let
me go because she felt like ‘I wasn’t a good fit anymore.’
Carol stresses, “She wanted someone she could boss around and I wasn’t that person. A
friend I had made at this small production started helping me find freelance jobs as a
production coordinator. That’s where I started out. I’ve always had a natural organizational
mind so that all went quite well very quickly. Those were boom times too (1996).” Carol
comments, “After my experience in academia and the woman in Atlanta, I was sick of
working for neurotic, messed up, controlling people. If I’m going to work for someone
that’s messed up I’m going to work for me. I want to choose the projects that I work on.”
Carol Beck (Videographer): Choice and Flexibility
She is a compassionate freelancer and says:
I used to feel little sympathy for clients sometimes. I thought they should educate
themselves to the process, spend more time with it and stop being so neurotic. I’m
like buck up and take some responsibility. I realize that people on the client side
of corporate production have a whole lot of other responsibilities. They can’t be
production professionals and that’s why they hire you. You’ve got to educate them
to the process and that requires a whole lot of patient getting their attention. You
have to explain why they are critical to the production. You have to feel for their
position. They’re scared from their bosses. That’s another reason to be a
freelancer because the boss is you. I can also choose who I work for.
“Flex time is important because what people don’t realize about your job is the stress and
hours involved.” Carol expresses what many freelancers recognize and that’s the flexibility
to take time off and says:
I couldn’t possibly exist on two-weeks of vacation a year. I don’t want to work
more than 42 weeks a year. I’ll be 50 next year -- I want the flexibility to look after
my folks gallivant off to India to do something I want and to help other people. I
like the fact that I can do a meditation retreat and just hang out with friends from
time to time. When you’re self-employed, you’re never off 100%.
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