Bill Cavanaugh (Audio Engineer): Sitting On Top Of The Pooh Pile; The New
Freelance is Starting Your Own Company
When asked if he was doing better as a freelancer he replies, “The people on staff are
walking around proud. Whatever it is they are climbing to the top of the pooh pile. I did too
and realized when I was on the top of it that I was covered with shit. It wasn’t really worth it
and I was going home with less money every day.”
Bill would attest that there is a new type of freelance emerging and he immediately states,
“Starting your own company. Not working freelance in the sense that you take a temporary
job and work for three months. Basically I’m a vendor. Right now, until we find out what
will happen with the financial reform and Obama’s tax code I might have to close my
subchapter S Corporation because I’ll be overtaxed double taxed and I’ll be back in
“Stupidville.” I might be better off working as an individual keep the name RazorMix but
you technically won’t be a corporation. As Bill states, “You have to work the tax regimen
the same way the wealthy do.”
Kasumi (Experimental Filmmaker): Freelance is Like The Film Festival
As a freelancer, you have a lot more irons in the fire and you don’t feel stuck. Kasumi
compares freelance to the film festival shorts, “if one really sucks, you know it will be over
soon, and if you love the people, you have the knowledge that maybe it will happen again
and you can nurture that and make more things happen.”
Sheryl White (Copywriter): Changing Loyalty to People Not Companies;
Becoming Bobbi Kaplan
What drives Sheryl is the work but on her own terms. She doesn’t want to be a casualty of
workplace politics and says:
Years ago companies treated you with respect more like family. Today you
could be at a company for 30-years and they’ll walk in your office and say you’re
fired tell you to leave immediately and they’ll escort you out. In the old days,
they’d give you an office for a month. They sure don’t do that now.
She really does not want to work full-time for a company even though about half want her
to work full time. She says, “I don’t really want to go there. In fact, some of the creative
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