You May Not Be Rich, But You’ll Have A Rich Life
The freelancers involved in this project eschew the “high risk, high reward” philosophy.
They are talented, creative professionals who innately understand the energy, commitment
and intricacies it takes to do a project well, within budget and on time. When discussing
rewards, they embrace flexibility, choice, collaborating with others and working on projects
that matter or inspire. They’ll also settle for work at a fair rate with decent collaborators and
clients. The narrative of “high risk, high reward” is now being supplanted by a more realistic
motif, which recognizes that Labor Day is everyday and this reflects “hard work and fair
pay” with maybe a little time for renewal, playing, and dreaming. The reward is a rich life
embodying moments of “doing” and “being.”
Changing Work Narratives For Changing Times
A Creative Job Brings Life To Your Work
The narratives of these “migrant creatives” comedy writers, audio engineers,
videographers, producers, experimental filmmakers, screenwriters, journalists, web
designers, documentarians, etc. are stories about initially following a creative passion
without much thought beforehand about the risk or reward. It was something the project
participants felt compelled to do. The choice of freelance was merely a vehicle for their
talents. Whether the work is freelance, full-time or part-time these migrant creatives have
wonderful adaptive skills that allow them to pursue their passions, extract the best of a
situation, and still make a living regardless of the work style.
Their journey started with following their creative joy, the pursuit for those rare moments of
flow, where the world and your place in it feels right, inspired and this moment cannot be
monetarily defined. Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi, author of Flow: The Psychology of Optimal
Experience, describes the experiential space that creative individuals inhabit when
completely engaged and in a moment of surrender and intensity of focus on a project, idea,
or activity. Athletes, artists, and scientists recognize these creative experiential moments of
oneness as being in “the zone.” The participants involved with this project thrive on the
creative stimulation of tackling a variety of projects and this allows them to have more peak
moments where they come alive with the challenge of improvisation.
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