I’m a freelancer because I got laid-off at the end of a huge burst of an economy. I
never really found a job that I was willing to do. I can get a job -- but I don’t want
to get one that isn’t aligned with my strengths, my interests, my passions, my intent
and vision for my professional life. That vision is everybody’s dream at least
The goal for all these participants was not to be the best worker bee on the planet.
Ironically, they all became very adept after years of practice of developing the skill sets that
Rosalind Gill mentioned as critical in the new economy management of self. These
project participants are entrepreneurial, hard working and resourceful. However, I have
never heard one person in this group mention getting rich as a goal. It was always about
being able to pursue their creative projects and hopefully have a chance to intersect with
some intelligent beings along the way. Although they became excellent at “doing” they
were really “being” the best version of themselves no matter what work configuration they
inhabited. All these “migrant creatives” are a work in progress and exemplify the spirit of
creativity and ingenuity needed to move forward together in the future. Steven describes
the importance of the shared interdependence community when it comes to creativity and
observes, “It’s about the creative process the noise in your head not between you and
yourself but amongst people who resonate with me is the single most important
The challenge for all of us is not to only be creative but also to live a creative life
regardless of circumstances. However, a more compelling narrative is to share a creative
life with others and perhaps that is the most “real job” that any of us will have in our
Creativity is not enough when it comes to freelance. One must also have the ability to
negotiate with the client throughout the entire process. The winners are no longer the slick
bottom-line, outcome-driven persuasive talkers but are listeners as explored in the
following chapter “A Conversation About Negotiation, Reputation, and Sustainability.”
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