“side-by-side” and where “uploading” has significantly, permanently altered the way we
collaborate is also contributing to a highly mobile workforce and all of this in less than a
Our jobs are often no longer in our community or even country as evidenced by call centers
and intriguing new businesses offered through outsourcing here and abroad. The
perspective offered by Friedman demonstrates how significant technological inventions at
the beginning of the 21st century have irrevocably allowed us to be more transient and
mobile (e.g. smart phones, laptops, etc.) and our digital footprint is far more revealing than
a standard resume in showcasing our reputation now even more critical in a connected
Jody Greenstone Miller, founder and CEO of the Business Talent Group, in a Wall Street
Journal online opinion piece poignantly reveals, “The surge in temp hiring is not a sign of a
malfunctioning economy. It is the face of the future.” Greenstone Miller also recognizes
the positive capacity for repositioning our view of how we work:
As we reboot the great American job machine, it’s time to shelve outdated
assumptions and accept that a portfolio of multiple assignments is what growing
legions of companies and executives want. This new relationship between talent
and firms isn’t a failure to be stigmatized, but the latest sign of our economy’s
endless capacity for renewal and innovation. (Miller, 2009, November 30)
Greenstone Miller, also a former Special Assistant to President Bill Clinton, had the
prescient capacity to see how collaborative, creative work teams coming together for very
specialized projects is where the new work is heading.
From Accidental Entrepreneur to Conscious Freelancer
The story is about moving from being an accidental entrepreneur as described by Robert
Reich in a New York Times article “Entrepreneur or Unemployed” where he suggests that
many people were forced into so-called “self-employment” because “layoffs by midsized
and large companies have surged while hiring has almost disappeared” (Reich, 2010). We
are now developing a new emerging freelance consciousness as evidenced by the steadily
growing online Freelancers Union (http://www.freelancersunion.org/). Sara Horowitz
founder of the online Freelancers Union examining “Why Our Employment Figures Are
Wrong” suggests that “a full one-third of the U.S. workforce at last count (which was 6
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