ones need to be regenerative and balanced in order to last. We believe that that
means all kinds of systems: economic, environmental, societal, and personal. The
sustainability questions is: How can we design and build a world in which the Earth
thrives and people can pursue flourishing lives? (http://sloanreview.mit.edu/what-is-
The takeaway for sustainability reveals a new workforce with expanded employment
configurations that allows people to imagine new work style possibilities and this includes
freelancers. As more people migrate to freelance work, the media freelancers are again
leading the pack and reinventing their career. Although we bemoan the recession, it has
created an improvisational awareness that career is not about stagnant either/or work style
options but is now more expansive, inventive, and versatile.
The Conversation Drives The Freelance Negotiation
Interest Ignites The Passion
Negotiation is not about smooth talking, formulaic negotiations for it is a shared
performance that requires both parties the client and freelancer to have an engaged
conversation about the expectations including timelines, mission, deadlines, roles,
responsibilities, wages, changes/revisions and the parameters of whether they can color
inside or outside the lines. For the freelancers, the decision is based on many critical
factors but an important element is whether they find the project interesting as articulated
by executive television producer Kate Farrell:
There’s geography, there’s relationship, there’s money and there’s interest. When
you freelance you actually have a choice about what you will work on. Sure, you
worry about money but if the subject really doesn’t interest you, you don’t have to
take the job. If you’re lucky enough to have some money in the bank, you ask,
“What am I passionate about? What do I want to do a show about?” Somebody
might call me and say I want you to do a video on my theater company. No, no
thanks not interested. So interest is a factor.
When interest or curiosity is invited into the dialogic process, the dynamic changes from an
obligatory money making venture to a participatory collaborative performance where the
client and contractor can create together. Yet, interest requires an active investigation of
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