what is possible and this involves exploration through dialogue. Whether Kasumi is
working on creating an experimental video or Kate is working on a reality show these are
projects that intensely engage their full attention and open up a door to a not only a new
area of interest but also revives or initiates client, contractor, collaborator or commission
The freelancer clearly recognizes that although their path is not predictable, the tradeoff of
inviting in creative possibility is an enticing and generative reward to those with inquisitive
minds. For example, Steven Tatar helped to organize The Retain Lebron James campaign
in Cleveland. These are the kind of projects that creative folks relish and allow them to
playfully intersect with other creative minds to promote larger community involvement. If
you’re passionate about a project, there are times to give away your work for free or a
reduced rate in order to intersect with some vibrant individuals or develop something
interesting for your portfolio. As Steven Tatar notes, “we don’t get to do interesting, wide
open creative work enough” and he enjoyed the teamwork. Tatar and his creative team
diverged from the traditional courtship tactics:
And one of the things we can demonstrate that to the world is our clarity and our
confidence about who we are as a set of neighbors and neighborhoods and we
aren’t dependent on a superstar to anoint us to feel good. That’s why New York,
Miami, and everybody was like, ‘let’s impress the hell out of him. Come here and
we’re going to treat you like an emperor.’ We backed off of ‘he’s the king’ attitude
and said what can we do? We can’t compete with New York about how cool we
are. The only thing that we have that nobody has is that we’re his home. We’re
his peeps. This is where he’s from. This is truly his neighborhood. He can go out to
dinner in Akron with his wife and kids to the local restaurant and have hamburgers.
Nobody’s going to be giving him the celebrity treatment because we respect him as
a neighbor. Nobody else could do it. And that is what we uniquely honed in on and
that was the basis of our campaign.
What Steven and his creative cohorts created was a socially constructed, appreciative
campaign that involved celebrating the power of being neighbors and community. They
created a sense of community by creating conversations about being neighbors. Even
though LeBron picked the Miami Heat for his team, the campaign engaged community
spirit and spoke to the power of our connectedness. His acceptance of this project, initially
without remuneration, was not only for the creative challenge but because it brought to life
the full use of his large relational network. That is the kind of generative energy that
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