I’m usually a couple of layers down in subcontracting. Generally there is a big client
a Panasonic, Ford Motor Company and they hire an event company or a
production company event people usually sub out the media production and
that’s me. A lot of times I need them to help prepare packages or they need my bio
in their pitch. That goes out in a lot of pitch packages she’s worked for blah, blah,
blah. Yeah. I often have large clients who are more profitable but are not household
names. They are a huge, profitable company that nobody has heard of but when I
say to IBM they know.
Brand recognition alone, just like talent, is not enough to make freelance sustainable. The
freelancer must be able to move beyond giving the client exactly what they want and
provide a mutually coordinated level of relational performance that is win-win for both
parties. Is the freelancer able to put other people at ease and make the set or interaction
with a client a healthy and vibrant work environment? If it is an agreeable collaboration,
then there is a good chance the freelancer will work with the client again. The ability to
create a healthy set or work relationship starts with freelancers that are energetic and
For Carol, the ability to find balance and peace is incorporated in positive mind/body
practices that include meditation, exercises and healthy eating and notes:
The hardest thing about freelance is finding time in the day to be good to yourself
to exercise, to meditate, to make healthy meals to do those things you need to
maintain balance. That’s the hardest part. I have gotten better at it. I haven’t had a
proper workout in two weeks. You just get back on the horse and go again. It’s an
absolute necessity. If I don’t meditate and exercise, I get strung out. If you’re eating
crap food you feel sluggish and awful. I have a few indulgences in my life. One is a
personal trainer that I see a couple of times a week because she is the think blue
line between diabetes and me because of my genetics. The other is I have a
housekeeper come in once a month and do a thorough scrub down. Until I had the
housekeeper, there were so many things I could never get to and I was working all
the time. I’d never sit on the couch and read a book or watch a movie.
Her Buddhism intersects with her community, work, and is connected to all aspects of her
life including a philosophy that doesn’t let her get crazy about work. She appreciates the
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