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Digital Revolution Has Created More Demand
Although access to inexpensive equipment has created more competition, there is also
more demand according to documentary filmmaker Laura Paglin:
In some ways it’s good now everyone has to have a website and marketing video.
There’s more demand it’s also less expensive if you have multiple skills editing,
directing and shooting.
Laura is quick to point that she is trying to avoid low paying jobs and notes, “I don’t take a
lot of ‘cheapie’ things because they can zap a lot of time and energy. I wish the budgets
were a little bit bigger but compared to other things what can you do?” Laura recognizes
the advantages of her family:
I think if I didn’t come from a middle class family with some cushion for support or
if Duane wasn’t working and didn’t have a ‘normal’ job with benefits it would be hard.
In my 30s, it was a hand-to-mouth existence. When you’re older, you don’t want to
go without health insurance.
She acknowledges that having a partner helps otherwise “I’d have to do more in the market
to promote my videos.” Lately, Laura has fused both her commercial and documentary
websites into Creative Filmmakers. Click the link to view how she has merged them
(http://www.creativefilmmakers.org/home.html). She explains why she co-joined the two
The idea is to use the money from the marketing videos to pay for the
documentaries. I need to do more of that because it’s so much easier than a
documentary and you can still tell a story. Then you get your check. It starts and it’s
done and people are really happy. That’s a lot nicer than spending all of your time
writing grants. If I were really brilliant I would learn to expand. I know a lot of
freelancers with small businesses who go through this. You can’t grow unless you
hire someone else. But then if you hire that person you might not have enough to
pay them or you can’t really sustain them.
I’d really love to have a studio that that wasn’t in the house. Then I could have
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