Project Creation Is A More Viable Option; Everyone is a Freelancer Now
Marc Jaffe, a comedy writer and co-creator of the Parkinson Foundation Shaking With
Laughter, states, “Because of the nature of the business, you’re a freelancer always even
when you have a job it’s a temporary job.”
Marc is quick to acknowledge that project creation is a more viable option than freelance.
He notes, “I remember when I first started out and was trying to do freelance copywriting
for advertising and so many places said, ‘it’s so rare when we get the fun stuff that we
want that for ourselves.” There is no doubt that freelance is no longer about just working
on other people’s venture, but is about becoming more entrepreneurial and creating your
own work.
Marc exemplifies the improvisational, creative freelance career that intersects with both his
personal and professional life as he demonstrates with his game show Bonk
(http://www.bonkgameshow.com/index.htm); inventions such as the magical Elijah Drinks
cup (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozRIky5b0yw); and co-creating the Shaking With
Laughter foundation, to raise money for Parkinson research
(http://shakingwithlaughter.org/shaking.html). Marc represents the new face of freelance
that has shifted from working on other people’s projects to initiating his own work.
The New Sustainability Explores Quality of Life Issues
The alternative health movement and the drive to embrace environmental sustainability are
all part of the same holistic framework that is laying the foundation for conversations about
what makes work vital, renewable and meaningful in the
century. Media freelancers
were the early improvisers in creating a balanced life in spite of working in a tension-filled
creative industry of high performance expectations and exacting deadlines. A critical aspect
attributing to their longevity and sustainability was being able to recharge physically,
emotionally and spiritually while at the same time making a livable wage. The capacity to
reinvigorate is essential for all workers but more so in an industry that feeds off creative
energy or good stress otherwise the depletion can cause distress. Media freelancers
comprised of screenwriters, graphic and web designers, audio engineers, videographers,
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