VIII. The Generative Years: Living
What’s Next
“I don’t consider myself a recording engineer only. My recommendation to
anyone coming up is that your education not only be technical but also
heavy on content and cross-disciplined. If you live in a specialized
technical education box like a recording engineer it’s not enough. You
will not be able to freelance. You won’t be able to understand billing --
business concepts -- how things fit in the world -- how cash flow works
financials -- sales -- understand human beings and that comes with
experience with rare exceptions. I’m not condemning youth. I’m just
saying the schools are narrowly educating people under job training lines
and not within the classical liberal arts education. I happened to have
good people in college who taught me and said you can never understand
Beethoven without understanding the politics, economics of his time.
Knowing the history of where it came from in terms of the technical and
understanding enough when it comes to other subjects that relate will help
you to run a business as a freelancer.”
Bill Cavanaugh, Audio Engineer
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